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Short biography of Florian Süßl

Florian Süßl studied Print and Media Technology in Munich and gained more than 20 years of experience as a prepress and design agency CTO. These activities mean he is thoroughly conversant with production processes ranging from design to printing. His technical specialisms include print data generation, color management and quality assurance. He is actively involved in different committees and has held a print and media technology professorship at Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin since 2015.

Career and activities

As an internationally acknowledged expert Florian Süßl passes on his specialist knowledge to users in practical training courses and workshops and advises hardware manufacturers and software producers on developing, testing and launching new color processing and color output systems.

Florian Süßl provides support to print clients and users of digital print systems, in particular in the areas of high-speed inkjet printing, system evaluations and data processing/print quality optimization. His work involves the use of the “zipcon print quality test suite”, developed by zipcon consulting berlin, and a special color fan for real-world definition of colors.

Florian Süßl is Deputy Chairman of the European Color Initiative (ECI). He heads up its Web Offset Working Group (WOWG) and played a major role in developing tools for the testing of output systems and for the implementation of color management and standardization in daily production routines – tools that are now an integral part of those routines.

Florian Süßl is involved in the following projects:

  • Altona Test Suite, red-hot: published “Altona Test Suite 2, Technical Page 2” at the end of 2011 “Transparency Test Form”
  • ECI/bvdm Gray Control Strips
  • ECI Profile

As chairman of the Technical Advisory Board of the Media Prepress Division at Fogra Forschungsgesellschaft Druck e.V. (FOGRA) he gains insights into research projects that are set to have a significant impact on the future of print media production. This enables him to embed technical innovations in the process of enhancing print production quality and effectiveness at an early stage.

Through his involvement in various working groups and in the ISO’s Technical Committee 130, Florian Süßl plays an active role in the enhancement of data generation and print standards and he maintains close contacts with key producers in the publishing industry.

Florian Süßl has been a professor of “Print and Media Prepress” at Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin since 2015.