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Bernd Zipper, Senior Consultant, CEO

Bernd Zipper is always one step ahead of the game and is regarded as one of the print and media industry’s innovators.

Bernd is a consultant, lecturer and speaker as well as founder and CEO of zipcon consulting GmbH based in Essen, Germany. His specialisms are e-business print, web-to-print, online print stores and interdisciplinary media projects. This technology and strategy consultant and his team actively mentor and support practical implementation on a wide range of different client projects. He creates visions, concepts and strategies for those from a wide range of different industries that are involved in the print production process. Bernd is a highly regarded practically-minded and critical technology and strategy consultant, speaker and facilitator. His visionary presentations are regarded around the world as trend-setting management recommendations.


Sabrina Tenschert, Senior Consultant

Sabrina Tenschert is the link between e-business print theory and practice.

Sabrina has been an experienced operator in both theory and practical project management at zipcon consulting for many years. As Head of the ‘EPOS Studie’, she has a detailed knowledge of the online store and web-to-print applications market and is able to find the right solution for every intended use. Given that she has a media design qualification in digital and print media and print and media technologies from “Bergische Universität Wuppertal”, Sabrina has a passion for print, but always with its use in e-business print business segments in mind. Her responsibilities include up-to-date market evaluations and analysis activities as well as project management and hands-on mentoring of consultancy projects. Sabrina is highly regarded by our clients as a skilled consultant, because she generates solutions together with clients and highlights options that can be implemented quickly in day-to-day routines.


Corinne Schneider, Executive Assistant

Nobody manages a range of different interests and people as skillfully

As professionally trained merchandiser in wholesale and export trade Corinne has already gained several years of solid experience in the service sector and she is the most recent recruit to the zipcon team. She handles the organization and coordination of various client projects, ranging from providing administrative support to the relevant project team and event organization to professional research projects. She also looks after and maintains our CRM system and project management is in her heart. And of course, she always has a sympathetic ear for your questions and concerns.


Dörte Hellbusch, Marketing Communications Manager

Joined-up thinking and targeted communication is what Dörte Hellbusch does every day.

As a graduate PR specialist with extensive practical experience in the print and media industry, Dörte is responsible for creating marketing and communications concepts. She supports and mentors your projects, starting with analysis and implementation of communication activities to achieve set objectives through to budgeting. Dörte is also responsible for developing and enhancing zipcon’s media and organizing events, like the Online Print Symposium. Dörte is our team’s go-to person if you have any questions about the zipcon team’s specialist articles or general press and event enquiries.


Fabian Kaufmann, Consultant

Challenging business models and forward-looking online stores are what he does best

Having graduated in Printing and Media Technology from ‘Bergische Universität Wuppertal’ and worked for an eCommerce agency, Fabian is our team’s go-to person as far as the analysis and appraisal of new business models and online store integration through to “going live” are concerned. Fabian generates possible solutions based on status-quo analyses and reviews their future impact, while always keeping a close eye on budget specifications and client requirements. Given that he grew up in a family with printing industry roots and connections, printing is virtually part of his DNA and he knows all about the challenges that print companies face every day and what their needs are in terms of enhancing processes.


Jessica Kelley, Junior Analyst

Research and data collection with an international perspective is Jessica Kelley’s specialty.

After successfully completing her Master of Arts in International Business at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Jessica’s primary focus at zipcon is the collection of market-relevant data as well as research into developments and trends in the print & media industry. As a junior analyst she sums up complex topics and summarizes the collected data for a comprehensible and well-founded overview in a corresponding financial analysis. The survey of global market figures and sizes in the industry benefits in particular from her accuracy, international background and sensibility.


Nicola Zipper, Financial Consultant

Money rules the world and at zipcon consulting Nicola Zipper is the one pulling the strings behind the consultancy scenes.

As an accounting expert with many years of experience, Nicola is not only responsible for looking after zipcon’s finances. In fact Nicola’s task is to validate concepts and analyses for clients from a financial expert’s perspective, produce costings and financially screen the feasibility of projects and change processes.